Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital


Mobile Field Hospital

The concept of the Mobile Field Hospital is based on the FST — Forward Surgical Teams system — adapted to the warfare realities in Ukraine.

In the U.S. Army, the implementation of FST allowed reaching the 97 percent survival rate of wounded soldiers owing to the provision of professional medical care as close to the frontline as possible.

The Mobile Field Hospital in the Anti-Terrorist Operation zone will mean:
– 10 kilometers from combat action sites, beyond reach of hostile artillery
– 30 minutes deployment time
– 50 km/hr redeployment transportation speed
– Care of 10 wounded soldiers per hour
– Admission of wounded soldiers from 80-kilometer combat sector

Aid procedure: evacuation from battlefield; sorting; emergency surgery; and preparation for evacuation to rear medical institutions.

PFVMH Mission in ATO Zone

The 1+1 Channel’s Television Service of News (TSN) report on the PFVMH aired on Dec. 24, 2014

Eastern Ukraine lacks doctors, both military and civilian. The First Volunteer Mobile Hospital went to reinforce medical aid in the Anti-Terrorist Operation zone. The doctors had enrolled voluntarily. The hospital is mobile and quite self-contained. Now it covers one of the most challenging sectors – from the village of Pisky to the town of Volnovakha. (Video clip in Ukrainian)

PFVMH Night Drill

The video was posted on Nov. 7, 2014 (Video clip in Ukrainian)

Volunteer Mobile Hospital to Go to ATO Zone

The 1+1 Channel’s Television Service of News (TSN) report on the PFVMH aired on Oct. 14, 2014

A mobile hospital of medical volunteers is about to set off for the Anti-Terrorist Operation zone. This project is an initiative of the All-Ukrainian Council for Protection of Patient Rights and Safety. It is not only looking for personnel who will go to the front but also completely equips the hospital with donated money. (Video clip in Ukrainian)